Canada is the only country in the world that is considering banning DBDPE – a key safety feature used in thousands of different products.

The Canadian government is considering banning a key safety feature that helps protect consumers. The ban could affect Canadian access to the latest consumer electronics, and would likely make the products Canadians purchase less safe than products available everywhere else in the world.

What's This About?
DBDPE is a key safety feature used in everything from appliances to consumer electronics to cars and planes.

DBDPE is a flame retardant that helps keep consumers safe. It is used in many of the products found in our households. However, the Canadian government is considering banning DBDPE. Canada would be the only country in the world where this safety feature is banned. Canadians deserve the same access to safe products as consumers everywhere else. That's why it's important that you take action and stand up for consumer safety.

Banning DBDPE in Canada would likely put Canadians at a greater risk than consumers everywhere else in the world
Banning DBDPE will likely restrict access to products for Canadians that are available everywhere else
Access to consumer electronics, including some tv models, and other electronics and computers that use DBDPE will likely be affected in Canada
You have the power to help keep consumers safe. Stand up for consumer safety and help make sure this key safety feature in our products does not get banned in Canada.

Use the form below to send a letter to your MP. Tell them that you don't support banning this key safety feature from consumer products. Join thousands of Canadians who are standing up for consumer safety and email your MP now.

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